Sylvania Industrial Lighting


Measuring Success

For owners and operators of industrial facilities, success is dependent upon:

  • Developing  employee productivity

  • Providing a safe and visually positive environment for production processes

  • Achieving greater energy efficiency and sustainability

  • Reducing operational costs

Manufacturing and industry heads are presented with these and many other formidable challenges in today‘s tough economic environment: overseas competition from overseas, supply and inventory demands, “lean” manufacturing, transportation and logistics costs, government regulations and tighter operating budgets, to name a few.

Manufacturing executives are looking for creative ways to ramp up their performance and reliability, to meet quality and financial goals and customer expectations. Along with improving the operational efficiencies and productivity levels in their facilities, they also want to be “greener” – employing new systems and equipment and methodologies to reduce their facility’s carbon footprint.

High performance industrial facilities are the key to stimulating the productivity gains needed to stay ahead of the curve in today’s economy.  Effective, well-illuminated shop floors, warehouses, processing and production areas can positively impact employee performance as well as improving the bottom line and operational goals.

The commercial lighting engineers and sale professionals at OSRAM SYLVANIA will work with you to show you how to incorporate the latest sustainable, energy efficient lighting systems. To help you reap all the possible cost benefits, our SYLVANIA Lighting Services organization will work with you to assess your facility’s current system and specify upgrade and replacement options that will: improve energy efficiency, boost employee productivity, and heighten safety levels for your production processes.

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