Should You Switch to Smart Sensors?

The latest smart sensors communicate detailed data and diagnostics, allowing machines to operate more effectively and operators to work more efficiently. By Kevin Zomchek, business manager, Rockwell Automation Sensors are essential in capturing basic diagnostics from industrial machines and equipment. However, as the people maintaining these machines near retirement, a new, younger workforce is emerging. … Continue reading Should You Switch to Smart Sensors?

Why High Performance VFD Cable is Important

Many industrial manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce their power consumption both to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Industry accounts for over 40% of worldwide energy consumption and 65% of its power demand comes from electric motor-driven systems. One way to greatly reduce the energy required to run motor systems is to use … Continue reading Why High Performance VFD Cable is Important

Sylvania Industrial Lighting

Industrial Measuring Success For owners and operators of industrial facilities, success is dependent upon: Developing  employee productivity Providing a safe and visually positive environment for production processes Achieving greater energy efficiency and sustainability Reducing operational costs Manufacturing and industry heads are presented with these and many other formidable challenges in today‘s tough economic environment: overseas … Continue reading Sylvania Industrial Lighting